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Our Mission

  La Bonne Lumière began developing in 2020 during the midst of Covid-19 through realizing our mindset and daily routines allow for more productive and creative days. We noticed lighting candles and utilizing high-quality fragrance oils  in our routines helped amplify our mindfulness and made a difference in our moods when locked indoors. We have developed these candles to inspire others to notice their senses and surroundings by staying in the present. Take a moment to breathe and appreciate the small luxuries in life.


 "The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine."


La Bonne Lumière is a 100% vegan coconut soy candle company. Our hand poured luxury candles are created with the highest of raw and natural ingredients. Based in Canada, our oils are certified vegan with no artificial colours, scents, paragons, additives, or harmful chemicals. Our candles are meant to be enjoyed and added into your daily routines no matter the time of day. Feel good with the space you’re in and treat your senses. 


Thus, La Bonne Lumière was born. 
05 / 10 / 2021


 We believe that everyone should get the chance to improve their mental health and that is why we partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association. La Bonne Lumière donates a percentage of all profits to the CMHA to ensure every individual can experience the luxuries of mindfulness and the positive health benefits it can bring to our lives. 



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